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Art depicting heartbreak

‘Scarred hearts’   is an acrylic painting on canvas. Taking a closer look at this painting, you can see little dents made by palette knives  inside the hearts which can  symbolise cuts,  scars or bruises . The inside of the hearts is a cream pastel colour; the outside background is turquoise and purple - usually blue based colours create a cold mood. This palette has been combined with small points of red, gold and white.

Heartbreak comes in many forms.

Seeing your loved one with another person or just breaking your own heart by not following your passions and doing what makes you happy in life. Heartbreak  may cause an emotional shock,  anxiety and fear. It also comes with a host of possible physical symptoms, including sleeplessness, a racing heart, headaches, random physical aches and pains.

Heartbreak  is usually self-inflicted. It can come from putting too much expectation on the other person, feelings of  sadness, guilt and powerlessness can come up also.

Putting  energy into self-love and self-care are very important in recovering from heartbreak. Being your own best friend and spending time meditating, eating healthy foods are some examples of self-care actions you can take.

More on heartbreak and why it hurts do bad can be found in Zoey Arielle’ s video

I recommend watching it if you want to feel a bit better about your situation and see that you are not alone in it.


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