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'Eclipse in Aquarius' Collaboration with Wonder Girl Astrology- creating an abstract painting of July 2018

This painting is a collaboration with Wonder Girl Astrology Youtube channel- she is an astrologer and on her channel you can find weekly and daily pre-recorded videos of astrological events, live astrological updates and more! I’ve been following  her work for a long time now and she helps me  to better understand what is going on in my life, and how you can overcome arising problems.

I was super thankful that she wanted to work with me.

Because her astrology readings are so accurate and  also I wanted to give back to her,  I have created an abstract painting of  the month of July 2018, based on the monthly astrological forecast provided by Brittany. I was interested to see if my intuitive painting skills will somehow be also accurate in presenting the energies of the month of July.

So in this article,  I will show you what my process of creating was and why I chose particular colours and emotions for this month.

Let’s get on with astrology forecast for the month of July 2018.

So the most important thing  is that in July is that there are 2 eclipses happening- new moon Solar eclipse in Cancer and another  one - a Lunar eclipse in Aquarius.



JULY 2018:


This month, with the first eclipse occurring in Cancer since 2011, we are finally COMING HOME to places and parts of ourselves that we thought were missing — and would NEVER BE FOUND, even if they now look quite different from what we were originally hoping for.


Before we can find this emotional comfort, however, we may have to FACE SOME OLD WOUNDS, put the RIGHT PLANS AND STRATEGIES in place, and think MORE REALISTICALLY about our capabilities. 


This month leaves little room for playing around, with Venus in fall in Virgo for most of the month. But it also brings with it big opportunities to discover NEW AND OLD PASSIONS we can run with for quite some time and make all our own, if we maneuver it right.


Key words

COMING HOME with solar eclipse in Cancer, Jupiter going direct to enter Sag in Nov.

FACING OLD WOUNDS, with Chiron going retrograde, lunar eclipse in Aqua.

DISCOVERING YOUR PASSIONS, with mercury retrograde in Leo.


NOT PLAYING AROUND, with Venus in Virgo.


So here is a finished painting.


As far as colour palette of this painting, I concentrated on capturing colours of the 2 eclipses happening this month so for Cancer I picked  silver as the sign of Cancer is associated with white, cream and silver colours.

And the sign of Aquarius is associated with turquoise, violet and yellow . And since these colours are prevalent in this artwork, I titled  it  ‘Eclipse  in Aquarius’.

I chose pink as well, to symbolise  DISCOVERING YOUR PASSIONS, with Mercury retrograde in Leo.

As far as black- FACING OLD WOUNDS, with Chiron going retrograde.

When you add dark colours to an artwork is changes it completely, and darker emotions come up instantly (such in these artworks of mine).

I wanted to keep it fairly light and consistent with colours of the eclipses so yellow- symbolising joy- dominates other colours-  there is a general positive feeling to this month so there are only very small splashes of darker colours on canvas.

I worked with a square- I prefer it more to palette knives as- I think the effect of movement is far more interesting than using palette knives.

As far as emotions depicted in this artwork, with Chiron going retrograde on July 6th    and also a  lunar eclipse in Aquarius which both mean - according to Wonder Girl Astrology forecast-

facing old wounds,  I remembered the time (in August 2015) when I just moved back to my home town having quit a very toxic work environment, and was facing some old wounds about my relationship with my mom and artworks such as these- were created at that time.

So at that time, I literally came back home - living with my family again. Back then,  I wasn’t very happy about it but in the long run it turned out that at home, I finally had  the time to heal the parts of myself that were missing in me, process emotions that were not dealt with when I was a teenager, think about what I want to do in life   and it all turned out for the best in the end.

So I tried to capture  emotions that arose at that time, this painting is quite far away from the style I go for  at the moment- happy emotions and a different technique and tools- such as these newest artworks from 2017 and 2018.

Full video can be watched at -


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