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HOW TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE ? Human Design for an artist - Self- awareness

In this article I would like to show you my Human design chart and explain how I discoved my skills and talk about self-awareness.

Ever since I was a little child I had a strong desire for expression — I was a great at playing the piano, and singing, however due to pressure from family and teachers I never had courage to go into the direction of expressing my ‘self’ seriously — very few people around me view ‘singer’ as a profession.


 Lately, as I started working with my emotions — as I’ve integrated a lot of anger, depression and fear I had, I doscover my lost Self that longed for creative  expression.

Human design helped me a lot with understanding how I should work, what my purpose is and which characteristics I should focus on and why I am not good at certain tasks.







First my numerology which is important to:

life path numer            30   -   numer 3 is a child - which means joy,Expression, happiness     0 - is a God element, it magnifies the main number characteristics

 personality number        8   numer 8 is characteristic to career -driven people, entrepreneurs (ˌɒntrəprəˈnɜː(r);  ( I do love everything related to start-ups and business), it is a numer of abundance


Type  Generator

Strategy  To Respond

Not-Self Theme   Frustration

Signature   Satisfaction

Definition   Single

Authority    Sacral

Profile           Hermit - Opportunist (2/4)

Incarnation Cross   Right Angle Cross of Service (17/18 | 58/52)


       Type       Generator 

As a Generator I am built to work!   (Projectors are here to lead and guide others,

 Reflectors are like a mirror and the reflection of other people constantly changes their perception,

Manifestors are here to have impact on the world and initiate).


I act through response and attract things to me.  When a Generator waits, others come over and ask them.

I am in need of having a Projector around me who would ask the questions so that I can respond and work towards it .

When I was starting to get interest in fashion, photography etc, my Projector friend told me  ‘You should buy acrylic paint and paper’   - I wasn’t self- aware enough to think of it.

 She knows the right questions and as a Projects she longs to be recognized for this gift of  guiding others .



As far as Frustration Not -Self Theme -  it manifests well when I paint -  when I am painting I usually get frustrated that my work is imperfect but I know I should get passed frustration as my work is as good as it should be and there are no things to worry about. 

Every Generator has a fear that if they do nothing, no one will ask them anything

Most Generators are frustrated working the wrong jobs, living with the wrong people, eating the wrong food and feeling a lack of purpose in life.

The thing with Generators is that they have to wait -  and usually society tells that in order to achive something you have to go and get it which is the wrong strategy to Generators and that is a source of frustration too.


      Right Angle Cross of Service (17/18 | 58/52)

I am here to be of Service. And I am serving myself and my audience. The driving force in the cross of Service is logical energy that is looking to make things or processes better to bring joy to life.

Ultimately this is what the cross of service is all about, bringing joy to life. A good question a person born under the cross of Service can ask themselves before fulling investing in a project is, “If I am successful at this will it bring joy to life”.

The main reason for this “Joy to Life” theme is that 3 of the 4 gates are in the logical channel. I resent doing things that do not bring joy to life hence my love for singing, performing arts and inspiring people though paintings.

People with the same cross are Ariana Grande, Keira Knighlty and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Definition   Single


Single  definition people have all their centers connected - they tend to process information faster. I can see how I can learn something very quickly whether it is building a website or online marketing.

The other side of this is that single definition people might not need to go as deep into the information as another definition would and I am a good example of this - I know a bit about everthing in a way, for instance business knowledge I know a bit about accounting, social media, editing videos, SEO, etc.


And I can see how I was living my Not-Self for many years trying to get deep into some areas of knowledge (for instance linguistics - my Bachelor's degree) and it did not work for me, I wasn't very happy studying. 



Authority    Sacral


Pure Generator which is me - responds with their Sacral Authority to engage in activity, they go through a step-by-step process of development. During this development, they will hit plateaus of productivity and then have feelings of being ‘stuck’ since their motors do not connect to the Throat Center. I often feel stuck in my work as an artist.


Generator's purpose in life is to have the work that they love. If they have chosen to do the things they love by allowing their Sacral voice to guide them, then they will have all the energy to continue without quitting the endeavor or process that they begin. 


Most Generators enter into things with their mind and end up eventually quitting because they are frustrated and don’t have the energy to continue - I have been working wrong jobs a couple of times such as teaching which I could not do for a long time, so I just quit.





Profile           Hermit - Opportunist (2/4)


People that have the 2-4 profile, the Hermit/Opportunist need a balance of being alone and being social. These people are often have a bubbly personality - they are the type that can start a conversation with anyone.


But the 2nd line of the profile is called the hermit as it has a need to be alone or have seclusion -  which is me when I am painting or integrating emotions. Alone time in crucial for me. Part of the importance of the alone time is to allow integration of ideas and experiences to take place.


The 2nd line needs to be out of the energy of others for this important integration to take place. 




The 4th line of the profile is an opportunist and the opportunity comes through the network that this person is connected to. And it shows well in my art business as I have to get out there and share my work on social media, and connect with collectors and fans.


It is a necessary part of me getting clients and growing my business. Through this networking opportunies emerge. For the 4th line person it is important to constantly be aware of opportunities that may present themselves through friends, family, peers etc.

I hope you learned something useful  you will be able to apply this knowldge to your life if you are a Generator.

I believe that knowing your strenghts and weaknesses — being self-aware is the most important trait a person can have — it serves this person and people around him/her.

I encourage you to get your chart and see for yourself ,There is lots of free information on gates, crosses and profiles on the Web.


Full video at- 






How to live your purpose







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