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Pastels colors- creating an abstract portrait painting for Wonder Girl Astrology

So according to Wonder Girl  sign colours I picked the following colours for her abstract portrait:

Gemini Sun colours are yellow and Cancer colours are white, silver and cream.

I also looked a branding of her website and Youtube channel- I see a lot of pastel colours in  Brittany’s clothes and  and on her website as well  so I tried to keep it within this pastel colour palette, adding colours such as pale pink and mint.

As far as signs characteristics, general traits of Gemini are gentle and curious and Cancer Moon trait is to have an innate need to nurture, support and protect.

In addition, when I listen to her daily astrology forecasts there is this feeling of calmness and understanding emotional needs and nurturing qualities, and I thought light blue is a perfect fit for this painting too.

So the final effect I want to go for is going to be this joyful  but calming painting , something that Brittany would be happy to hang in her office and it would fit the branding of her business- something with elegant with small splashes of gold. And I always add a little bit of black for harmony.

I will be creating this painting soon so wish me luck and inspiration!

Have a great week ahead,



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