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The weirdest artworks I've created so far

There comes a time of an artist life when you reasses your body of work and think about what perception of your artwork your audience has. 

Sometimes I am  really surprised and even perplexed at the final result of my painting or drawing session. I always paint from my subconcius so each time something strange  appears on paper it boggles me as well.

My artwork so far has some really unusual themes to it and some of drawings and paintings are hard to interpret like this drawing titled ’ Abstract 12’ ,

On the right there is a face clearly without a body, it has only one eye and a French beret.

Backgroung can be seen as a colorful garden.

It is called ‘Abstract 12’- partly because  I had no idea what to name it. If you have any better names let me know in the comments section.

Full video with other 3 artworks that are really weird can be watched here, on my Youtube channel- 


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