Artwork from 2015, 2016

London showroom- 'Steidel Fine art' art dealers

"Each painting will uniquely transform your point of view, and you will see yourself as if looking into a mirror."

Kinga Ogieglo’s paintings create remarkable illusions of space, allowing the paintings to act as mirrors through which we can redefine ourselves. She defines her work as transformational art that engages the viewer to ponder self-reflection, emotional epiphanies, and personal growth. Kinga Ogieglo’s abstract paintings stylistically resemble hints of art movement revolutionaries such as Gerhard Richter, as well as abstract expressionist innovators like Helen Frankenthaler.

 Full collection from 2015 -

Steidel Fine Art is a international, contemporary art gallery and art consultancy providing collaborative advisory and fine art services for private collectors and interior designers for the home, professional office, and corporate environments.

Artwork from 2015, 2016


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