"Each painting will uniquely transform your point of view, and you will see yourself as if looking into a mirror."

My paintings often create illusions of space, allowing them to act as mirrors through which we can redefine ourselves. My work is often desribed as transformational art that engages the viewer to ponder self-reflection, personal growth and emotional epiphanies.

I use a variety of tools ranging from brush knifes, brushes, and squares. I also make pastel drawings and take commissions for acrylic paintings on canvas and illustration.

 I’m inspired by nature, fashion and photography; I often paint emotions and memories from my life translating them on paper or canvas.

For some time in my life I was detached from my feelings and it is shown in my early work which included a lot of dark colors, anger and saddnes prevailing but now with time I started painting more joyful and happy artworks. Creating art had a healing effect on my emotional state.

I hope that my art engages the viewer to  self reflect -my art is a reminder that it is ok express your emotions and honour them. 

I had two solo exhibitions in Oswiecim Culture Centre (‘ Emotions in colors’ in 2016 and ‘Abstracts’ in 2017) and my work available in various online art galleries.


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